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Clarke Student Association

The Clarke Student Association is the student government of Clarke University. Leadership is provided by the Clarke Student Association Senate. Four executive board members and four class representatives from each class, freshman through senior, make up the CSA Senate. Senators and Executives are elected by their respective classes and the student body.

Students have the opportunity for involvement at nearly every level of college governance. Student representatives work on committees with trustees, faculty and administrators regarding policy making for academics, student life, and admissions. CSA plans activities and represents the opinions of the students with the administration.

2021-2022 Executive Board
President: Tucker LaBelle (’22)
Vice President: Anthony Gonzalez (’22)
Secretary: Macy Boughn (’22)
Treasurer: Claire Ronnebaum (’22)
Advisor: Callie Clark

Senior Class Senators (2022)
Kylee Allen
Taylor Foecking
Parker Jeppson
Jaida Kroning

Junior Class Senators (2023)
Avery Abbas
Bailey Brennan
Bella Hanniford
Darius Hernandez

Sophomore Class Senators (2024)
Mackenzie Baker
Rory Bickler
Anne Crawford
Johanna Hartke

Freshman Class Senators (2025)
Nominations and Elections will take place in September 2021!