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About the Executive Board


Amanda Beeal
Krista Atkinson


The Co-Executive Presidents oversee the entire executive board. They are responsible for seeing that all committees stay on track throughout the year and that the big event runs smoothly.

Entertainment Director

Baylie Engels


The Entertainment Committee is responsible for planning all of the entertainment and events for the day of the dance. This includes games, music, food, etc.

Family Relations Director

Bailey Theisen


The Family Relations Director works to communicate with Clarke’s miracle families. Their job is to plan family events that serve as fundraising opportunities as well as fun activities for the families.

Fundraising and Finance Director

Bailey Dunkin


The Fundraising and Finance Director’s goal is to raise money by organizing fundraisers throughout the year within the Clarke community as well as manage finances and execute the big reveal.

Marketing/Decorations Director

Bridgett Hunziker


The Marketing/Decorations Director is responsible for managing social media, advertisement, decoration planning for our big event, and any other marketing needs throughout the year.

Morale Directors

Annalise Lyon
Maggie Diossy


The Morale Director works closely with morale captains to keep dancers involved throughout the year as well as to encourage and help them to reach their fundraising goals.

Sponsorship Directors

Sydney Eustice
Kathleen Rubino


The Sponsorship Director is responsible for communicating with and forming partnerships with local businesses. They keep our sponsors informed and active in DM year round.