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Navigating the CareerPLUS Micro Course

You will be able to progress in a self-paced manner throughout the micro course within the allotted time frame of the micro course (typically 2 months).

You must complete the lessons within each unit before you can access a unit’s quiz. Each quiz is untimed and auto-graded, and you will have unlimited attempts to earn a score of 80% or higher. This score is required in order to open a unit’s required discussion prompt. You must also complete each discussion prompt before the next unit will open for you. In the case of the last unit, you must complete the discussion prompt before the micro course will be considered complete. The guidelines for discussions are located within each unit.

Please note that the checkboxes on the micro course home page do not get checked off automatically (except for the quizzes and discussion prompts). You will need to manually check off the sections as you complete them, if you so desire. You are not required to check off the checkboxes as you go, as successful course completion is tied to achieving at least 80% proficiency on the quizzes and completing all of the required unit discussion prompts (not on whether all of the boxes are checked off).

Listed below are descriptions of various components of your micro course:

Open Forum Discussion Forum

The Open Forum is a discussion forum for learners to introduce themselves, make comments or ask questions about unit content, and share other comments/questions/concerns. Please note that responses to the required unit discussion prompts should be made in the Discussion Prompt discussion forum within each unit, and not to the Open Forum.

The Open Forum Discussion Forum will be open throughout the entirety of the micro course. While it is not required that you post to the Open Forum, it is encouraged. Please note that posts to this discussion forum will be visible by the facilitator and all of the micro course participants.

You will have the option of posting to the Open Forum using text or video. For instructions on how to post a video response in a Moodle discussion forum, please click here.

Learning Units

Each Learning Unit (referred to as simply “unit” below) includes the following components:

  • Lesson
  • Content Discussion Forum (Optional)
  • Quiz
  • Discussion Prompt
Lessons (Required)

The learning experience for this micro course will take place through unit lessons. These lessons include particular readings, websites, videos, and other resources. The bullets below emphasize important considerations about learning through these activities.

  • You will note that the layout of the unit page is designed so that you may easily go through all of the unit content before participating in discussions and quizzes to demonstrate your command of the concepts associated with each unit.
  • You are responsible for making certain you complete each component on the unit page.
  • If you can’t access a link, please try from a different browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). If you are trying to access the resource from work, it’s possible that your company computer may have restrictions set up prohibiting you from accessing the link. If you are not able to access the link from any browser, please contact your facilitator for assistance.
Quizzes (Required)

At the end of each unit, you will be required to take and pass a quiz to unlock the next learning unit and/or progress in the micro course. All quizzes are untimed and you will have unlimited attempts to achieve the required level of competency of 80%. You will be able to see the question(s) you got wrong, but not the correct answer. If after achieving 80% proficiency on your quiz you are not able to figure out the correct answer by reviewing the micro course content, you may contact your facilitator using the Quickmail functionality to inquire about the correct answer to the question(s) you got wrong. Please note that if your employer is paying for this micro course, they may request a report to see how many attempts it took for you to pass the quiz, so it is important to review the unit content carefully before taking the quiz.

Discussion Prompt (Required)

At the end of each learning unit, there will be a required discussion prompt that you must complete. You will be able to preview the discussion prompt question(s) within the lesson for each unit; however, the Discussion Prompt discussion forum will open up/be available for you to submit your official response after you achieve 80% competency on the unit quiz. You will be required to post on this Discussion Prompt discussion forum to move on to the next unit, even if you posted earlier in the Open Forum discussion forum

In most cases, you will have the option of posting a text or video response. For instructions on how to post a video response in a Moodle discussion forum, please click here.

Course Feedback

At the end of the micro course, you will be asked to provide your feedback about your experience in the micro course. We take your feedback very seriously and value any suggestions you have, as we strive to provide the highest-quality learning experiences possible.