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Clarke Receives Anonymous $400,000 Gift for New Wellness Center

By Clarke News  |  October 9, 2018

Clarke University has received an anonymous gift in the amount of $400,000 that will be used to develop a new Wellness Center on-campus in the lower level of Mary Josita Hall. Preliminary work has begun, and construction will occur in phases starting in December of 2018.

The primary mission of the Wellness Center will be to enhance the students’ educational experiences by promoting wellness of mind-body-spirit and empowering students to make informed and intentional choices regarding their health and well-being. The Wellness Center will bring together Counseling Services, Health Services, and Campus Ministry to create a culture of wellness by offering programming for the development of the mind-body-spirit connection.

The Wellness Center will also provide opportunities to strengthen student life connections with academic departments such at Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Nursing, Social Work, Religious Studies, and Philosophy.

According to a UCLA study, educational experiences and practices that promote spiritual development have uniformly positive effects on traditional college student outcomes. The opportunity for students to connect with their inner selves increases their satisfaction at college.

Clarke Vice President for Student Life Kate Zanger commented, “We are incredibly grateful for this gift which is allowing us to offer a peaceful and meaningful space to our students. Stress and anxiety are health issues that negatively impact a student’s ability to be successful. The Wellness Center activities will encourage holistic health that is supportive of academic and personal success and fulfillment. The Wellness Center activities will align with our new undergraduate Health, Wellness and Behavioral Sciences academic program.”

Clarke President Sister Joanne Burrows, SC, Ph.D., said, “The Wellness Center will be a wonderful addition to the Clarke University campus, and it would not have been possible without this generous gift. Providing students with holistic and integrative services facilitates their all-around development, while also increasing their self-confidence and psychological health. We are committed to supporting students on their journey and are grateful for this opportunity to create a campus culture of wellness.”

The Wellness Center will offer an array of services designed to allow students to immerse themselves in peaceful, restorative environments that help decrease stress. Such examples include group fitness, mind-body-spirit classes such as yoga and meditation classes, and access to light therapy, sound therapy, and massage chairs.

For questions, please contact Clarke University’s Student Life office at (563)588-6313 or