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Psychology and Philosophy Double Major Contributes to the Common Good

By Clarke News  |  May 2, 2024

Ever since he was young, Charles Jones has known he wanted to help people. The “how” may change, but the “why” never has. “Being there for others is just the right thing to do,” Charles said. “God has blessed me in many ways, and I want to share that light with others.” 

As a double major in Psychology and Philosophy, Charles’s time at Clarke has only deepened his commitment to the common good. Through classes like Behavior Modification and Personality, he’s gained insight into how to use his skills to help himself and others.  

“All of Tim Boffeli’s Psychology courses really make you think, and there is a practical aspect to them. You walk away knowing more about yourself, not just the terms and techniques he’s referring to,” Charles said. “Something I had struggled with is negative self-talk, and in Behavior Modification I focused on how to lessen that. That’s a lesson I’ll carry with me for life.” 

Charles shares his positivity outside the classroom as well. He serves as a Resident Assistant, Prayer Partner with the BVM Sisters, and Class Senator for the Clarke Student Association. He worked in the MARC as a study group leader, and has volunteered as a peer mentor for the Black Male Leadership Society. Charles is also proud of his time with the football team, on the field and off. 

“When I came to Clarke from San Jose, California, I didn’t know anybody. The team welcomed me and it was like having 100 brothers. I have tried to offer that same welcome to all who have come after me,” Charles said. “From joking around on bus rides to serving meals at the Dubuque Rescue Mission, we are a family through and through.” 

Following graduation, Charles intends to become a counselor, though he is still determining an area of focus. He is considering several graduate schools, including continuing at Clarke for his Master of Social Work. Whatever comes next, you can be sure that Charles will carry Clarke Core Values with him.