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Study Abroad Financial Aid

Exchange/Direct Enrollment

Students enrolled in an exchange/direct enroll program can utilize a percentage of Clarke based financial aid (see below for details), depending on program, and all state and federal aid as budget allows.

  • Exchange:
    International University of Kagoshima, Japan – 100 percent
    Irish American Exchange, Northern Ireland – 100 percent
  • Direct Enrollment:
    Santiago de Compostela, Spain – 75 percent
    University of Glasgow, Scotland – 75 percent


Clarke policy states students can use up to 75 percent of Clarke-based financial aid for abroad tuition and fees only for one semester. Any and all third party, state, and federal aid can be used at 100 percent of award allotment as budget allows.


Since no agreement exists between Clarke and an unaffiliated institution, Clarke students cannot use institutional aid. Third party, state, or federal aid is impacted differently.

Furgal Study Abroad Fund

The Furgal Study Abroad Fund was established by Mary Jo Rossi Furgal who, first as a Clarke student, and later in her professional career, traveled and worked extensively in different parts of the world. The Furgal Study Abroad Scholarship is to assist Clarke University students in paying for expenses such as airfare, passport fees, vaccinations, etc., which are not usually covered by financial aid.