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Student Teaching in Art Education

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The core of student teaching in our art education program is the Professional Development School (PDS). The structure of the Clarke PDS partnership allows you to take method courses and a practicum on-site at local schools. The PDS allows you to spend much more time in school (up to 600 hours – the state of Iowa only requires 100 hours). Each PDS is taught by two professors in residence who are with the students at all times. Art education majors complete one to four PDS semesters, depending on endorsements. PDS is truly an authentic way to prepare to be a teacher. In addition, our 4 + 1 program is designed for students who desire to complete their undergraduate degree and proceed directly into a one-year, practicum-based master’s degree through Clarke.

How PDS School Involvement Improves a Teacher Education Program

Clarke’s PDS structure provides for an integrated, contextual setting for students to learn curriculum and instruction. This structure allows students to learn from and with both the college professors and the elementary teachers in the schools. Clarke’s education faculty members understand that a merging of the theoretical and practical is necessary for teachers to develop fully. Clarke’s PDS program is a successful integration of theory with real world experiences.

Components of the Clarke PDS Structure:

  • professor as facilitator
  • experiential learning
  • flexible class times
  • PDS classes
  • school experiences five days-a-week, all semester, for two to three semesters BEFORE student teaching
  • standards-based