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Compass Outcomes

Student Outcomes for The Clarke Compass

Common good guiding principle
Clarke’s Compass helps students navigate their own personal and professional growth, leading toward success in the contemporary world.  The student learning outcomes are grounded in a Catholic vision of education, particularly as we express it in the BVM Core Values of freedom, education, charity, and justice.  The common good serves as an important unifying theme. The Compass outcomes integrate the liberal arts, essential academic and professional skills, experiential learning, and major courses of study in order to prepare students for whatever awaits them.

  1. Spirituality
    Students will demonstrate an ability to engage in a process of spiritual growth in a dialogue which includes the Catholic tradition.
  2. Communication
    Students will demonstrate and articulate appropriate communication of thoughts and ideas in a variety of contexts.
  3. Thinking
    Students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills informed by knowledge, experience, and reflection.
  4. Knowledge
    Students will develop a depth and breadth of knowledge integrated across the curriculum and experiences.
  5. Global Awareness and Social Responsibility
    Students will develop awareness of others’ lived experiences and diverse perspectives in order to take an active role in local, national, and global concerns and issues.
  6. Professional Preparedness
    Students will acquire knowledge, skills, and experiences applicable to a professional context.