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Welcome to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experiences supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community.

Audiovisual Services

The Audiovisual Services Office recommends, installs and maintains audio and video equipment on campus in support of classroom instruction and on-campus events. Training and technical assistance is available to instructors and club advisors who utilize the technology across campus, including smart classrooms, Jansen Music Hall, and Student Activity Center.

Services Available

Audio and Video Duplication and Conversion

  • Upon request, staff are available to copy to/from DVD, VHS, and Mini-DV.
  • Charges for blank tape stock ($4 per DVD, $8 per Mini-DV, $1 per CD) will be billed to requesting departments and offices.
  • Copyright laws are observed and duplications/conversions will not be made.

Video Recording

  • Upon request, video equipment and instruction is available to faculty, staff and students for class or lectures.
  • Video quality is suitable for archiving and local viewing purposes only. Broadcast quality videotaping is not available.
  • Charges for blank tape stock ($8 per Mini-DV) will be billed to requesting departments and offices.

Audio Recording

  • Upon request, staff are available to help record original programs for academic or administrative use.
  • Charges for blank tape stock ($1 per CD) will be billed to requesting departments and offices.

Purchasing Assistance

  • Upon request, staff is available to assist in purchasing audio visual equipment for your department.
  • Staff can also research, recommend, install and provide instruction on the equipment.

Repairs & Technical Support

  • One-on-one or small group tutorial sessions on classroom technology are available upon request.
  • Staff can assist in simple repairs to audio visual equipment in house and send more complex repairs to outside vendors.
  • If classroom equipment does not functioning properly, contact the audio visual services office as soon as possible, so the issue may be resolved in a timely manner. Many issues can be resolved quickly over the phone. Others may require a temporary solution to keep the class functioning while the root of the issue is reviewed.

Campus Events Support

  • Upon request, staff can coordinate and assist with the set-up, tear-down and running of audio-visual equipment for lectures and other department/club-sponsored events.
  • If  AV staff are unable to attend an event that has minor technical requirements, AV staff can train members of the event sponsors to run the event.
  • For any event not requiring a conferences and events permit, please contact the audio visual services office with the event’s technical requirements no less than 10 days prior to the event. If a 10-day notice is not received, staff may not be able to fully meet your needs.

Additional A/V equipment (including TV cart with VHS/DVD playback unit, computer/projector cart, and video cameras) can be found in the copy room behind the Alumnae Lecture Hall. For access, contact your department chair.