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Inclement Weather Policy


This policy is intended to ensure that essential university facilities and functions remain operational during inclement weather without jeopardizing the safety of the employees.


In the event of bad weather conditions, the President may deem it necessary to close Clarke officially or delay normal reporting times.

Delayed Opening: Clarke will open at a specified time to be announced by 6:00 a.m. on local radio and television stations. If it is not possible to specify an opening time, but it is expected that Clarke will open at some point during the day, an announcement to this effect will be made.

Closing: Classes, operations and ordinarily other scheduled events will be cancelled except Dining Services, Facilities Management, and Security when required to maintain essential or necessary services during the closing.


The President will contact the Director of Public Relations, who will contact the local media and place an announcement on the Clarke University voice mail system.

Food service, facilities and security personnel will report to work at their regularly scheduled times during all weather emergencies unless specifically instructed otherwise by the Department Head.

A decision for evening classes will be by President as soon as information is available to make an announcement, but no later than 4:00 p.m.

Announcements may also be made regarding the operations of the library, Kehl Center and the Keller Computing Center.


Non-exempt employees who are required to work will receive compensatory time off at the rate of one and one-half times the number of actual hours worked within a three month period.

Paid leave will be provided for employees in the event that Clarke is officially closed.

In the event of a delayed opening and an employee does not report, vacation leave or leave without pay will be charged for the open hour(s) period. For closed hours, employees will be paid regular compensation.

For food service, facilities, security and other personnel who may be required to work because of mission essential, overtime will not be paid unless hours worked has exceeded 40 hours in the work week.

This policy is effective immediately. It was approved by the Administrative Council on January 19, 2005, and supersedes all other policies pertaining to inclement weather.