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Acceptable Use Policy

Policy for Campus Computing Resources


Acceptable Use Policy for Campus Information Technology Resources

Clarke University computing services and resources are for use by currently enrolled students, currently employed faculty and staff, and Clarke University workshop participants. The Systems Administrator of all systems (including designated staff members) has both the right and obligation to monitor use of these resources to ensure appropriate use in character and extent; including voicemail, phone, web pages, e-mail, and online talk/chat and any other forms of computer resource (examples include deactivation of account, deletion of files).

Unauthorized or inappropriate use of Clarke University computing resources will be grounds for sanctions, which include suspension or loss of computing privileges, disciplinary action, or in extreme cases, termination and/or legal action. You may be held personally responsible for ANY use made of your authorization to Clarke University computing resources by unauthorized persons (“authorization” means computer account, login name, lab access, or any other means by which you identify yourself to gain access to any computer system, network, computer based information system). This policy will be enforced and reviewed by the Clarke University Systems Administrator, the Information Technology department, the Human Resources department, and the Student Life department.

For password-protected authorizations in your name, you should change your password immediately upon initial access to your account and frequently thereafter. You are encouraged to use passwords that are not easily guessed (e.g. avoid names and birthdays).  Do not write down your passwords where others might see them.  If you suspect that someone may be using your authorization to a computer resource, you should immediately change your password and notify the Help Desk at (563) 588-6390.

Efficient use of the e-mail and voicemail systems suggests that messages should be concise and directed to individuals with an interest or need to know. Personal use of phone, e-mail or voicemail is allowable but should not interfere with or conflict with official use and should only constitute a small percentage of total usage.  Users should exercise good judgment regarding the reasonableness of personal use. Please refrain from using Clarke resources to receive and store personal photos or media.  No personal long distance calls are to be made except for emergencies, and the University shall be reimbursed for such calls.  Providing the toll-free number for use by other than prospective students is prohibited.

E-mails to university-wide distribution lists must originate from the Academic Affairs Office, Registrar’s Office, Public Relations Office, Human Resources Office, Student Life Offices, President’s Office, Computer Center, or an executive administrator. Please refrain from attaching Word or Excel documents, use the PDF file format instead.

The following activities are examples of unauthorized or inappropriate uses of computing resources. These are intended to suggest rather than define the limits:

  • Using, or attempting to use, someone else’s authorization.
  • Accessing, or attempting to access, someone else’s computer files (including system, network and internet) at Clarke University or elsewhere via Clarke University resources without permission.
  • Threatening, intimidating, or harassing other persons to attempt unauthorized access to Clarke University computing resources.
  • Impairing, interrupting, or inhibiting any other’s access to Clarke University computing resources (e.g. generating or spreading a virus, sending codes to lock hardware, installing unauthorized software, excessive consumption of network and system resources, etc.) except as authorized by the Systems Administrator or appropriate computer services staff.
  • Permitting others (at Clarke University or anywhere else; including family members and/or friends) to use your authorization to access Clarke University computing resources such as network, internet, email, or any other system resource.
  • Sending anonymous, deceptive, fraudulent, illegal, distasteful or unwelcome electronic communications using any Clarke University resource including network, chat, e-mail, Moodle, content management system, etc.
  • Viewing, mailing, or using materials that are obscene, profane, offensive, or upsetting to others.  Messages, jokes, images or email forwards which violate Clarke harassment policy or create a hostile work environment are prohibited.
  • Using regional, national, or international network partnerships of Clarke University for a purpose that violates the University’s agreement with those partners.
  • Violating license agreements, copyrights, intellectual property rights or use of others materials without express consent of the user/owner (see Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Copyrighted Material).
  • Tampering with hardware, software and network settings of Clarke University computing resources including labs, system resources, or any other PC, server or cloud-based computing service.
  • Theft of Clarke University computer resources including hardware, software, data, accessories, or other network resource (see Computer Theft Definition below).
  • Misuse of information accessed while a Clarke University employee or student, such as information stored on academic servers, administrative servers, or PCs.
  • Use of a Clarke University computing resource for profit-making, non-University work such as contract programming, self employment advertising, word-processing service, developing graphics advertising, etc.
  • Violating the State of Iowa Computer Crime Law, or the Federal Computer Crime laws, or any local, state, federal, or international laws while using a Clarke University computing resource.
  • Sending spam e-mail while using any Clarke University computing resource.
  • Unwelcome chain letters, forwarding large e-mail, or downloading files which cause problems with storage, system resources, or any other network utilization.
  • Excessive use of Clarke University computing resources for on-line gaming, on-line chat, video streaming, or downloading that causes problems with network utilization, bandwidth, or internet connections.
  • Solicitation to buy or sell goods or services unrelated to Clarke University is prohibited.  This includes fundraising or other activities unrelated to Clarke seeking funding support.
  • Broadcasting unsolicited personal views on social, political or other non-business related matters is prohibited.
  • Forwarding official university business messages off-campus is prohibited.
  • Using social media as a tool for bullying, spreading anti-Clarke messages, or impersonating other people.
  • Recording of classes without permission from the professor.
  • Accessing Clarke resources (e.g. Moodle, e-mail, MyInfo, etc.) from insecure connections or devices.
  • Any other activity or attempted activity contrary to, or not consistent with the mission, policies, beliefs, or best interests of Clarke University.