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Campus Ministry for Current Students

Welcome to the office of Campus Ministry!

  • We exist to nurture theological depth, spiritual wholeness, and missional living in the students, staff and faculty
  • We are deeply committed to supporting the spiritual journeys of persons from all religious traditions and backgrounds.
  • We do our best to invite, train, and support student leadership/participation of worship services, programming, and service trips.
  • We try to empower and support students, staff, or faculty to bring their ministry and prayer ideas to life.
  • We provide pastoral care, which is most fundamentally a relationship—a ministry of compassionate presence, and enables healing and growth to take place within individuals and their relationships.
  • We are available for support during times of grief and loss. If information regarding the illness or death of a student, faculty or staff member or family member is given to the campus ministry office, remembrance will be made at Liturgy and posted on our prayer request site.

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Joining Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is an office at Clarke University, not a student club, so you are part of it just by attending Clarke! People listed on our Source page are active in a role in Campus Ministry.

Visit our Source page to find out when our activities and events are happening as well as to apply to our service trips and retreats.