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Campus Payroll Employment Program

Just because you didn’t receive a Federal Work Study award in your Financial Aid Award Letter doesn’t mean that you can’t work on campus!

For all incoming Clarke Students who do NOT have a Federal Work Study Award on their Financial Aid Award Letter, you can still be eligible to work on campus through the Campus Payroll system. The Campus Payroll system is a way for Clarke University to employ students who are not eligible for Federal Work Study.  Students who do have a Federal Work Study Award may have a Campus Payroll position once all of their award has been exhausted and if there are Campus Payroll positions still available.

For incoming students, one stipulation of the Campus Payroll system is that you CANNOT begin working on-campus until after the second week of classes.  After the second week of class has elapsed, you may start applying for positions by clicking here. If you see a position that interests you, you will need to contact the supervisor to discuss the position. Please notify the supervisor at this time that you do NOT have a Federal Work Study Award (that will verify that you are eligible to earn Campus Payroll dollars). Although, be aware that not all departments at Clarke University have Campus Payroll dollars in their budget, and therefore, may not be able to employ you.

Once you have accepted a position, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork in order to be eligible to work. You will need to immediately complete your I-9 and W-4 forms in the Financial Aid Office (please see the other side of this form for a list of acceptable documents). Keep in mind, we can only accept ORIGINAL documents for verification on the I-9 forms. By law, no copies can be accepted. Also, you and your supervisor will need to fill out an Authorization form for the period in which you intend to work and return it to the Financial Aid Office (this form can be found in the Financial Aid Office).