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Fundraising Policy & Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when establishing or continuing a Clarke University sanctioned student group or organization. Also review the Fundraising Policy.

  1. Complete and submit a student organization fundraising request form. It will be reviewed by student life office for approval. The more advanced notice a group can give, the better their chances for success.
  2. The student organization request form needs to be completed for fundraising activities such as car washes, sales of baked goods, trinkets, apparel items, personal chore services, raffles, etc. in which the buyer of such goods receives a tangible benefit as a result of the transaction. Because of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines, the university cannot issue gift receipts for these transactions.
  3. When groups receive gifts (cash or in-kind) the institutional advancement office should be notified immediately for the purpose of generating an official thank you/receipt and to record the gift. (This includes donated items not used for fundraising, i.e. pizzas, sub sandwiches, etc.). All monetary gifts need to be turned into the institutional advancement office for posting to your organization’s account. Businesses and individuals rely on charitable donations for their tax deductions. The IRS only acknowledges official gift receipts when presented on official Clarke University letterhead.