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Online Bookstore/Textbooks

Selecting and ordering textbooks is done completely online at the Clarke University Online Bookstore.

The Clarke Online Bookstore offers:

  • Quick ordering process – complete your purchase in 5 minutes!
  • New, used, eBook, & rental textbook formats
  • An average savings of 60% off list price on Marketplace items!
  • Price Match Guarantee on all new books
  • Bookstore Charge Program: Buy now, pay later
  • Free shipping on retail orders over $49
  • Year-round access to post and sell any textbook on the website’s Marketplace – you name the price!

Visit the website and order online at

online bookstore steps

All courses, required materials, and pricing options are displayed in a personalized, easy-to-use page when you log in with your student account.

  1. Visit the website and log-in with your My.Clarke account to see a personalized page.
  2. Select from new, used, eBook, rental, and Marketplace options.
  3. Check out and complete your order in 5-10 minutes.

Order early to take advantage of the great savings opportunities and free delivery options. The earlier you order, the more chances you have to find the best deals. It’s recommended that you order 2-3 weeks before the term begins.

All textbooks will be delivered to the Clarke University mail room unless students change the address to their home. Hours for pickup are the same as the Whitlow Campus Store hours.

School supplies such as goggles, composition notebooks, and disposable lab coats will be available for purchase in the Whitlow Campus Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

The Clarke Online Bookstore, powered by TextbookX, operates completely online and can be visited at (redirects to Students visit the website to order online and have their textbooks shipped to their home or to the mailroom on campus while digital course material access is emailed or in your eLibrary.

Is There A Campus Store?

Yes! The Whitlow Campus Store sells branded merchandise like shirts and hats, school supplies and gift type items. Please note, the campus store does not sell textbooks and store credit/gift certificates to the Campus Store cannot be applied to Online Bookstore orders. If you deliver your textbooks to campus, pick up is in the mail room.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Select from new, used, ebook, and rental options
  • Find great deals on Marketplace items.
  • Price match guarantee on new books.
  • Bookstore Charge Program – buy now, pay later.
  • Free shipping on select orders over $49 (not including Marketplace).
  • 24/7 customer service at the start of each major term.
  • Sell books on the website at your own price!

What Is The Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where students and book vendors across the nation buy and sell books at discounted prices. You can save an average of 60% off when you order a Marketplace book. Please note, Marketplace items do not qualify for free shipping.

How Do Digital Course Materials Work? (Inclusive Access, eTexts and Access Codes)

There are several types of digital content that may be adopted for a course:

  • Inclusive Access eText: If you are in a course that utilizes Inclusive Access materials, the cost of the digital course materials has already been included in your tuition and course fees. If Inclusive Access is adopted, it is noted in the course information posted in the online bookstore. Students access these digital materials directly through the Blackboard course. There may be additional materials, such as loose-leaf versions of the text, available for purchase through the online bookstore.
  • eBook (also known as eText or ePub): If you purchase an eBook, you will access the text by visiting your eLibrary in the Online Bookstore. Locate the item you want to access and select the “Read Now” button next to your book. Then, log into VitalSource Bookshelf, where the book will automatically appear.
  • Access codes: If you purchase a textbook or looseleaf package that comes with an access code, the access code is located within the card that is packaged with the physical text. If a student orders an access code by itself, the code will be shipped to you if it is a printed access code, or it will be available instantly if it is a digital access code. In all cases, the code will come with instructions for registering at the publisher’s website and will also be listed in the eLibrary.

If you order a digital product:

  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to access it.
  • A record of all of the digital course materials you purchase is located in the online bookstore within your eLibrary.
  • Access the eLibrary by logging into the online bookstore portal. Select your username at the top-right corner of the website and then select eLibrary from the menu that appears.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

Check out with any major credit, debit, or prepaid credit card. Students may also use PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to check out. Or, take part in the Bookstore Charge Program to buy your books early and pay for them later.

What is the Bookstore Charge Program (BCP)? And how does it work?

BCP offers students a quick and easy way to buy textbooks early and pay later. It’s like a credit card, but without any interest. Each student is given a $500 line of credit, which can be used to pay for textbooks at the Online Bookstore. The line of credit is then billed to their student account. Please note, these funds are not applicable for items at the Whitlow Campus Store.

Several weeks before the star of the term, the line of credit will be live in each student’s bookstore account. When checking out, students click the “pay with voucher” button. Students must reimburse Clarke’s Student Accounts Office by the end of the term. This payment method is only available 15 days before the semester starts and ends on the drop/add date.

How Does Shipping & Tracking Work?

Various shipping methods and time frames are offered. Orders over $49 qualify for free economy shipping (excluding Marketplace). Use the Order ID in your confirmation email to check delivery status. Not all Marketplace vendors offer tracking, but you can contact the seller through the online bookstore.

Can I Return A Book?

New textbooks can be returned for a refund when it’s within 30 days of the order or two weeks after the start of class. Ebooks can be returned within 14 days. Marketplace items are non-returnable. Items ineligible for return are marked “non-returnable” at checkout. If you are unable to return, you can always sell the book on the Marketplace. Rental textbooks have set return dates. The bookstore will contact you by email with return reminders and instructions.

Can I Sell My Book Back?

There are 2 options for selling your textbooks once the semester ends.

Note: Rented textbooks are not eligible for textbook buyback. They must be returned as originally instructed to avoid additional charges.

Option 1 – Guaranteed Buyback: Some books are sold with a guaranteed buyback price. Students that bought a book with a guarantee will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the offer and send it back.

Option 2 – Sell your books on the online bookstore’s marketplace. You can sell any book, not just textbooks. Visit the Sell Your Books page for more details and instructions.

There are 2 ways to post textbooks for sale on the Marketplace:

  • Instant bids: A bid is immediately available for the book. You can choose to accept the bid for the price listed (non-negotiable). Instant Bids are not available for every book.
  • Marketplace: You can post any book on the Marketplace and name your own price for it. Once posted, it’s listed as a Marketplace option when buyers search for that ISBN.


Need Help? 

Our Customer Experience Team works year-round with 24/7 support at the beginning of every spring and fall term. Visit to use the dynamic help tool, send an email, or call our help line at 1-855-790-6381.

Track: Check on the delivery status of your order

Returns: Need to return a book? Begin the return process here

Sell Page: Learn how to post you r textbooks for sale on the Marketplace

FAQ: Other questions? Visit our FAQ page or check out our Help Videos