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Biology Students Awarded Funding for Glaucoma Research

By Clarke News  |  July 18, 2019
Biology students Brynn Schubert '21 and Emma Liddicoat '21 conducting research.

Biology majors Emma Liddicoat ‘21 and Brynn Schubert ‘21, who were awarded funding for their project “MMP28 Protein Expression and Localization in Prostaglandin Analog Treated Human Ocular Cells” from the R. J. McElroy Student/Faculty Research Selection Committee on behalf of the Iowa College Foundation. The students will work alongside their faculty sponsors, Assistant Professors of Biology Dr. Laura Hecker and Dr. Shaun Bowman. Together, they will study the amount and location of a protein, MMP28, in human ocular cells following treatment with prostaglandin analogs (drugs typically used in the management of glaucoma). They are especially interested in determining if the expression of MMP28 changes following prostaglandin analog exposure, as this might provide insight on the mechanism by which these drugs treat the symptoms associated with glaucoma.

The students will present their research findings and discuss their project at a symposium at Wartburg College in May of 2020. Clarke University has been in partnership with the McElroy Trust since 1984. Last year’s winner was Josh Prindle ’18.