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MSW Unveils New Weekend Program

By Clarke News  |  February 16, 2017

Clarke’s new Master of Social Work weekend program allows students to log 64 hours every other weekend over the course of three years. This flexibility allows students to continue with their work and home life while earning their degree.

The demand for trained social workers will increase by 25% thru 2020 and the need is even greater. Clarke University is the first private college in Iowa to develop high quality, pathways for a MSW degree with a combined concentration in medical and mental health, which will prepare you for a career that fully carries out Clarke’s mission by training students to be advocates for social justice, promotes diversity and global awareness, and assists in the empowerment of individuals, families, organizations and communities.


  • Fully accredited program
  • Affordable program at a private university
  • 64 credit hours; 32 credits if entering as Advanced Standing*
  • No GRE required
  • Financial aid available
  • Recognized in all states as the preferred licensed professional degree for all social services agencies


Clarke University offers progressive faculty with over 50 years combined experience in mental health, hospitals, family clinics, private practice, research and nonprofit administration. All educators in the program hold advanced degrees as well as 40 years of combined teaching experience as well as extensive experience in multiple fields within social work.