Study Abroad Programs

There are many opportunities available to Clarke University Students wishing to learn more about other cultures and/or improve their proficiency in a foreign language. Students are encouraged to spend a summer, semester, or a year abroad.

Several academic departments, such as Foreign Language, Art, Music, Education and Nursing, sponsor group trips in other countries. In addition, Clarke students have the opportunity to choose from an approved list of programs sponsored by institutions affiliated with Clarke for study abroad purposes. These programs allow students to study in different countries including Austria, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Japan.

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The Glasgow Honors Study Abroad program is specifically designed for students in the honors program. Located at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow Scotland, this historical and academically competitive school offers students of all studies a great experience and notably for those in the sciences.

Students receiving financial aid may apply those funds to help pay for their studies abroad as long as they select one of the aforementioned affiliated programs. Foreign study takes careful planning. Therefore, students who are interested in pursuing this type of experience are urged to meet with their advisor and with the Study Abroad Coordinator at least two semesters in advance. The Study Abroad Coordinator can be contacted by e-mail at

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