Study Abroad Programs

Studying in another country for a year, a semester or during the summer provides a learning environment not duplicated in any classroom, and can provide vital experience desired by employers.  According to the International Education Association Task Force on Institutional Management of Study Abroad (2007) “Study abroad programs provide opportunities for learning that are critical to the education of American college students and, over the long term, to the ability of the United States to lead responsibly, collaborate abroad and compete effectively in a global arena.”

The Clarke University study abroad program provides the opportunity to go to college in another country, and even do an internship or service-learning project while there.  Credit can be earned towards a major, minor, general education and/or graduation.  Destinations are available for those interested, and those not interested, in a foreign language immersion experience.  Perhaps the most important reason to study abroad is that it is fun!  “Studying abroad allowed me to gain an understanding of a foreign country and culture.  By studying abroad I visited places that I never thought I would see, interned in a foreign country, and above all, made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime” (Austin – Studied in Austria spring 2012 semester).  Living abroad for an extended length of time is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the time is now. 

Studying abroad at Clarke can be achieved three ways.  Students should research which program best fits individual needs, financial aid situations, destination, and preferences.


Exchange/Direct Enrollment
These opportunities are open to any student that meets study abroad eligibility and program criteria. Exchange opportunities operate on a system of reciprocity with one or more foreign institutions. 

Study Abroad


Affiliations are agreements Clarke has established with other U.S. institutions with robust study abroad offerings to provide students with additional study abroad opportunities.  

Study Abroad


Undoubtedly the least popular of all our offerings, unaffiliated opportunities are just that, programs for which no agreements exist with Clarke and another institution.   

Study Abroad

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Study Abroad Financial Aid Btn

Study Abroad Criteria
  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015