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DNP Mission and Outcomes

The mission and philosophy of the Department of Nursing and Health flows from the mission of Clarke University published in the Clarke University Catalog, and the core values of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM). The BVM core values are freedom, education, justice and charity.

Clarke University envisions graduates of its DNP program to be persons who will:

  • Synthesize concepts and theories from nursing and related disciplines to form the basis for developing and integrating new approaches to nursing practice for the whole/healthy human being. (I)
  • Analyze social-cultural, spiritual, ethical, economic and political issues that influence and lead to the highest level of nursing practice. (II)
  • Utilize the process of scientific inquiry to validate and refine knowledge relevant to nursing. (III)
  • Demonstrate leadership and effective management strategies for advanced practice, including proficiency in the use of information systems/technology resources to support practice and ensure continuity of patient care. (II, IV)
  • Design and implement advocacy strategies that address health care policies and issues of social justice and equity in healthcare. (V)
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate and engage in collaborative intra- and inter-disciplinary relationships in the conduct of advanced practice. (VI)
  • Demonstrate effective direct patient care, clinical prevention and population health care within the context of socio-economic policies, appropriate scientific data, and the exigencies of the individual patient. (II,VII)
  • Demonstrate expertise in a defined area of advanced practice and develop and articulate a vision for nursing practice in a selected organization.(VIII)

NOTE: Roman numerals refer to the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (2006) American Association of Colleges of Nursing.