Institutional Outcomes


Institutional Mission, Goals, and Outcomes


We are a Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts university founded in 1843 by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubuque, Iowa. Clarke educates students at the post-secondary level in the liberal arts and sciences, the fine arts, selected professional programs, and graduate programs.

We, the faculty, students, staff and administration are a caring, learning community committed to excellence in education. We provide a supportive environment that encourages personal and intellectual growth, promotes global awareness and social responsibility, and deepens spiritual values.

Institutional Goals


WE ENCOURAGE personal and intellectual growth by:

  • Challenging ourselves to grow, experiment, and explore
  • Fostering critical thinking and informed decision-making
  • Requiring articulate communication of thoughts and ideas
  • Setting high standards for quality
  • Utilizing the best tools available for learning
  • Providing skills for success in the contemporary world
  • Developing creativity, aesthetic awareness, and appreciation
  • Encouraging personal initiatives and leadership
  • Promoting physical well-being
  • Instilling a passion for life-long learning.

WE PROMOTE global awareness and social responsibility by:

  • Supporting and caring for one another
  • Recognizing the responsibility and necessity to serve others
  • Reaching out actively to serve the community
  • Respecting individual rights, privacy, and diversity
  • Raising consciousness regarding contemporary issues
  • Emphasizing peaceful resolutions to conflict
  • Modeling collaboration in leadership
  • Bringing about positive changes as responsible members of a world community.

WE DEEPEN spiritual values by:

  • Supporting the Catholic tradition
  • Enhancing one’s own search for the Sacred
  • Applying spiritual values in our lives
  • Challenging ourselves to understand other traditions
  • Experiencing community celebrations of faith

Institutional Outcomes

  • Intellectual rigor and curiosity
  • Critical analysis and informed decision making
  • Spiritual depth and values
  • Aesthetic sensitivity and cultural appreciation
  • Active community involvement
  • Contemporary professional skills in a field of choice
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Acceptance of diversity in people and ideas
  • Self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-motivation
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