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Heritage Tree Tour

Welcome to the Clarke University Heritage Tree Tour!

In 2018, Clarke Professor of Philosophy Norm Freund and his student interns researched the founding of our school. They learned the history of the class trees planted on our campus and created this Heritage Tour of Clarke University. If you would like to walk this tour on our campus, use the map and key to the right and listen to the audio files in the blue box to your lower right. Since the project was completed in the Summer of 2018, the video and audio will not contain anything beyond that time.

If you are unable to make it to campus to walk the tour for yourself, feel free to watch the videos below with the inspirational narration from Norm. Happy listening!

Downloadable Tree Tour Map
2018 Clarke Campus Map

History of Tree Planting

Noble Beginnings

Core Values Tested in Fire

Living Legacy

Gathering Spaces

Leave the future to God, I have no fear as long as you are working unitedly.

Mary Frances Clarke, Clarke University Foundress

Terence Donaghoe Hall

North Campus

Catherine Byrne Hall

Eliza Kelly Hall

Cornerstone, Replacement Buildings, and Back Campus

West Campus Residence Hall

Phoenix Rising - The Great Clarke Fire

A few years after the fire that destroyed one-third of our campus on May 17, 1984, the local Dubuque newspaper interviewed Clarke faculty and staff. This is the fire as told by those who witnessed it and the days after. All rights go to the Telegraph Herald.