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Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for Clarke University

Over the next 18 months, the following four-phase plan covers the essential steps for our strategic plan progress:

Phase 1 (Jan-Feb 2023)
Focus on communications, developing a shared vision, and establishing plans for enrollment, retention, and student support

Phase 2 (Mar-Jul 2023)
Assess academic and athletic offerings, and academic advising, and how these areas align with the Strategic Plan and budget

Phase 3 (Aug-Dec 2023)
Successfully complete our HLC accreditation visit, review the university’s financial status and capital needs, and explore retention initiatives for faculty and staff

Phase 4 (Jan-Dec 2024)
Lead strategic partnerships and community outreach that ensure a successful transition to the new president

Strategic Planning & Budget Committee Members:

Kent Anderson, Bill Biebuyck, Julie Cirks, Callie Clark, Catherine Dunn, Amy Errthum, William Gregory, Steven Kirschbaum, Steve Kapelke, Fletcher Lamkin, Tami Lansing, Susanne Leibold, Curt Long, Amanda Matson, Beth McGrath, Jody Pfohl, Cathy Schulze, Kathleen Sinclair, Cathy Stierman, Jody Wolfe, and Kate Zanger

Strategic Planning Facilitator:
Mariann Kurtz Weber