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We'll Ignite Your Potential

Clarke University has a rich history of serving students who have the will to succeed. Part of our heritage and mission has always been to help students realize their potential. 

Clarke created the Spark program to admit a small number of new students who demonstrate potential despite past academic challenges. These students have not achieved sufficient academic credentials in high school to gain regular admission into Clarke, yet we believe that they show promise and a desire to succeed.  Spark intentionally links students with the services they need to support their success. Spark provides a learning specialist to meet with the student to design and monitor individual student progress through their collegiate journey. Clarke University will select students who have shown a desire to accept the challenge of achieving success in college through this program.  Spark students recognize the great benefit of having help available, and they actively engage in using that help to succeed academically. 

Apply Now

Individualized to Each Student

Our progressive approach to education, deeply engrained core values, and renowned faculty help us produce graduates who are life and career ready. But our real success is in bringing together students whom we believe will truly thrive in this environment. Students in the Spark program will grow academically, spiritually, and socially. They will also have fun on campus while forming friendships that last a lifetime. 

Spark Admission

  • Complete Clarke’s Application for Admission at
  • Submit high school transcript(s).
  • Complete the Spark Program Questionnaire.
  • Interview in person or via Microsoft Teams with a member of Academic Affairs.
  • Submit any other materials (personal statement, updated transcripts) upon request.

Spark Requirements

  • Living on campus during, at least, the first semester of the first year.
  • Attending a virtual CU Registration with at least one parent/guardian (if able).
  • Enrolling in a limited number of credits (13) the first semester, as determined by the Spark advisor.
  • Taking CU 100: College Study Strategies
  • Agreeing to limit work on or off campus if deemed necessary by the Spark support team
  • Agreeing to limit participation in curricular, co-curricular, and/or extra-curricular programs if deemed necessary by the Spark support team.
  • Meeting the terms of the individualized academic success agreement. The agreement will include regularly scheduled meetings with a learning specialist and advisor.
  • Spark students will be entering Clarke University under academic probation. If they do not earn a 2.0 or higher in the first semester, then they may be dismissed from the institution.