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We'll Ignite Your Potential

Clarke crafted our unique Spark program to offer assistance to a limited number of freshman who may not have achieved academic success in high school. We look for an ember in you that can be fanned into a flame.

The Spark program offers students an intentional and structured connection to the services needed to support their success by pairing a Spark Team with the student to design and monitor individual progress through the student’s first year.

Interested? Consider applying before APRIL 1. A limited number of students are selected to participate in the Spark Program each fall.

Apply Now

Individualized to Each Student

Your Spark Team will develop a personalized plan with a goal to provide you with the support and resources you need in your first year to be a successful Clarke student and ultimately a Clarke alumni! And discretion is our intention — we help Spark students blend in, not stand out.

Spark Admission

  • Complete Clarke’s Application for Admission at
  • Submit high school transcript and test score (ACT/SAT).
  • Submit a personal statement telling your academic story so far and conveying passion to be successful at Clarke.
  • Have a conversation in person or via phone/FaceTime with your Spark Advisor.

Spark Requirements

  • Live on campus freshman year to best integrate yourself in the campus community.
  • Attend CU Registration in person with at least one parent/guardian (if able), preferably on one of the first two days of CU Registration, to plan your fall semester with your advisor.
  • Enroll in a limited number of credits (14) your first two semesters to assist with time management.
  • Take CU-100 College Study Strategies in your first semester.
  • Agree to limit work hours per week at an on- or of-campus job during the first year.
  • Meet the terms of your individualized academic success agreement. The agreement will include regularly scheduled meetings with your Spark Team in your first year.
  • Agree to limit participation in curricular, co-curricular and/or extra-curricular programs if deemed necessary by your Spark Team in your first year.