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Summer School Session Fees

Students are required to either pay their balance in full or enroll in a payment arrangement plan through CUhub one week prior to the start of classes. There will be several different payment plan options to choose from once bills are available. Payments for each payment plan are due on the 20th of the month. All tuition and fees for summer session must be paid in full by August 20. A student who officially withdraws from a course before the third meeting of classes will receive a 100% refund. There will be no other tuition refunds after that class. Under your CUhub account, select financial information and choose a summer payment plan.

Summer Session Fees

Fee2024 Summer Session
Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour)$480
Undergraduate Tuition CIC (per credit hour in addition to undergrad rate)$480
Master of Arts in Education325
Master of Business Administration$560
Master of Social Work$775
Doctor of Nursing Practice$875
Doctor of Physical Therapy$940
Registration Fee (paid on first registration as undergraduate at Clarke)$25
Graduation Fee - Undergraduate and Master's Level$200
Graduation Fee - Doctoral Level$240
Audit Fee (Clarke UG 100 Level courses only)$100

A more complete list of all costs and fees that may be incurred by an individual student is available in the student accounts office.

Updated: 11/10/22