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Institutional Mission and Outcomes

Mission Statement

Clarke University is a Catholic academic community that believes learning is lifelong and life changing. We inspire intellectual curiosity, cultural engagement, professional preparedness, spiritual exploration, and a commitment to contributing to the common good in a global society.


Clarke University is a learning community that lives by four core values: Freedom, Education, Charity, and Justice. These values emanate from our founder Mary Frances Clarke, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and those who follow their example to provide learning experiences that are relevant and forward looking.

As a community seeking to live authentic lives, we invite all to be open to God’s love and to be true to their best selves.

As a community seeking wisdom, we help all to appreciate learning opportunities that enable persons to reach their full potential.

As a community seeking to welcome all, we contribute to the well-being of others and the common good.

As a community standing with others, we strive to create a society that recognizes the dignity, equality and rights of all people and to respond faithfully to one another.

Institutional Outcomes

Students will demonstrate an ability to engage in a process of spiritual growth in a dialogue which includes the Catholic tradition.

Students will demonstrate and articulate appropriate communication of thoughts and ideas in a variety of contexts.

Demonstrate thinking skills informed by experience, knowledge, insight, and reflection.

Students will develop a depth and breadth of knowledge integrated across the curriculum and experiences.

Global Awareness and Social Responsibility
Students will develop awareness of others’ lived experiences and diverse perspectives in order to take an active role in local, national, and global concerns and issues.

Professional Preparedness
Students will acquire knowledge, skills, and experiences applicable to a professional context