Catholic Identity


Catholic Identity Committee Members

Anastasia Nicklaus (ex officio), Director of Campus Ministry
Brian Burns, Assistant Professor of Music
Carol Manzel, Licensure Officer, Education Department
Casey Tauber, Assistant Director of Athletics
Cathy Stierman, Instructor of Education
Emily Kruse, Assistant Director of Admissions
Gina Burkart, Learning Specialist (MARC)
Lorie Murphy-Freebolin, Director of Counseling and Career Services
Dean Manternach, (ex officio), Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Sean Bradley (chair), Associate Professor of Mathematics
William Gregory (ex officio), Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Past Members
Dean Manternach, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Amy Golm*, Director of Campus Ministry
Roberta Lavin*, Chair and Professor of Nursing
Susanne Leibold, Director of Library
Erin Daily*, Student Representative
Joyce Meier*, Instructor of Education
Jill Pecoraro*, Residence Hall Director
Bryan Zygmont, Assistant Professor of Art History
Jessi Crain*, Student Representative
Norm Freund, Chair and Professor of Philosophy
Mark Jones*, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Kim Kopplin*, Director of Human Resources
Jody Wolfe, Chair and Assistant Professor of Accounting/Business
Regina Boarman, Chair and Associate Professor of Social Work
Monica Meissen*, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Kate Zanger, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Management
Mary Chapman*, Administrative Assistant of Academic Affairs
Mary Coan*, Ph.D., Director of Campus Ministry
Rev. William Joensen*, Ph.D., Chaplain
Sean Mooney*, Student Representative
Janet O'Meara*, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies
Myra Benzer*, Director of the Learning Center
Glen Lantz, Director of Institutional Research
Amanda Martin*, Student Representative

* Indicates no longer at Clarke

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