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Additional Costs

Undergraduate Tuition per semester hour (less than 12 and more than 18 hours)$860$885
College Consortium (CIC) Undergraduate Course Fee$480$495
Undergraduate Accelerated Education$480$495
Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) Online$480$495
Graduation Fee (undergraduate and masters level)
Graduation Fee (doctoral level)$240$245
Parking Permit$80$0
PT and Nursing Clinical Liability Insurance (per year)
Athletic TrainingVariesVaries
Chemistry Laboratory VariesVaries
Physical TherapyVariesVaries
Studio Art VariesVaries
Nursing LaboratoryVariesVaries
Biology LaboratoryVariesVaries
DPT (year 5 and 6)VariesVaries
Private Music Lessons (per semester, 1/2 hour weekly)
Private Music Lessons (per semester, 1 hour weekly)
Class Music Lessons (per semester)
Instrument Rental (MUSC 244, 245, 246, 247)
Music Recital
Technology Fee (Grad, PT, BAS, Accel Ed)
$45 per credit hour$46 per credit hour
Education Fees2022-20232023-2024
Student Teaching (6 credits)$100$100
Student Teaching (12 credits)$200$200