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BVM Core Value Award

The BVM Core Value Award is presented to a current full-time member of the faculty, staff, or administration who strongly exemplifies the BVM Core Values of Freedom, Education, Charity, and Justice, as well as the quest for self-knowledge and the application of knowledge for the greater good.

This year’s Clarke University BVM Core Value Award was presented to:

Cathy Stierman, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Education

Here is an excerpt from the nomination for this year’s recipient:

She has been my mentor and guide in a new position while giving me the autonomy and freedom to learn and is undoubtedly the greatest influence in my own personal growth in the last three years. Alumni frequently return to campus to visit with her or send messages of gratitude which is a true testament to her inspiring teaching style, warm personality, and lasting impact. She is a true advocate for her students and educators in the field. She has a unique gift for recognizing the strengths in others and helping them to see their own value.

In addition to her work on campus, she recently completed her terminal degree with research tied directly to the efforts of the Clarke University Education program and the impact of our Professional Development School model on teacher retention reflecting her consistent and conscious efforts to incorporate best practice for the great food of pre-service and practicing teachers years into the future.”

Previous Recipients

Ellen Spencer, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Education, 2021
Mary Gitau, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work, 2020
Sean Bradley, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, 2019
Deann Petitgout, MA, Instructor of Athletic Training, Director of Compass, 2018
Rachel Daack, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, 2017
Bill Kochendorfer, Safety and Security, 2016
Kathy Ternes, Bookstore, 2015
Mary Ellen Herbst, Receptionist, 2014
Helen Black, Institutional Advancement, 2013
Darrell Deutmeyer, Facilities, 2012
Bill O’Dell, PT, DHS, OCS, MBA, Cert.DN, Professor of Physical Therapy, 2011
Lorie Murphy, Counselor, 2010