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Maximize Graduate School With Clarke’s Fast Track Program

By Clarke News  |  September 9, 2014

It’s possible to get two full graduate degrees without doubling the cost of graduate school. Today’s business leaders need knowledge, skills and abilities in both management and leadership to effectively run their companies. Clarke University’s new Fast Track Program now makes it more affordable and faster to earn two graduate business degrees. Clarke University offers the established Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and most recently added the Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) degree. There are several ways to “Fast Track” your way to either business degree: •    Students can now enter these programs at a variety of points in their educational journey. Undergraduate students can begin the Early Access MBA or MOL in their senior year and can take up to 12 graduate credits as an undergraduate student.  •    Students who have completed a MBA or MOL degree at Clarke can come back and earn a degree in the other discipline by taking just six courses in as little as one year. Graduate students may choose to come back to school to hone their leadership and business management skills to gain new opportunities in the workplace or take advantage of their employer’s tuition reimbursement. Combining a MBA with a MOL degree will set you apart from the competition. “The Fast Track Option is an excellent opportunity for Clarke MBA or MOL alums to come back to school to earn a second graduate degree,” said B’Ann Dittmar, Clarke University director of Graduate Business Studies. “MOL students will gain an understanding of leadership theory and will develop skills to effectively lead teams, inspire change and motivate others, and MBA students gain expertise in the functional areas of business that they can apply immediately at work. These degree options are for anyone interested in taking their career to the next level.” “I could not be happier with my decision to further my education with the MOL program at Clarke,” said Britney Hermsen, a Clarke graduate student who works at McGraw-Hill. “The MOL program has taught me more about myself, not only as a leader, but also as an employee and community member. Each course has left me with key takeaways that are applicable to my everyday life.” For more information on graduate studies visit or contact the Clarke University Marketing and Communication Office at (563)588-6318.